How Can We Help?

Need development help? Not to worry, we've got you covered.

At JhaiChrispy we understand that not every company needs the same thing, which is why we offer a wide array of development services. Are you a one man shop who's going gangbusters and needs some technology to help you stay on top of your oodles of orders? JhaiChrispy can take care of the whole process from design to implementation and on into supporting your new app. Or are you a giant corporation with hundreds of developers, some of whom may have fallen behind on the times? No problem, we can help your team ramp up on the latest development techniques and tackle that huge project you've been worried about.

You have a lot of things to worry about with your business. Software development shouldn't be one of them -- that's our business. JhaiChrispy wants to be the partner that takes all the stress and worries of application development off your shoulders. So whatever you need, just let us know and we'll do everything we can to accommodate you.

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Build it All!

Taking a project from an idea into a fully functioning system is our most common endeavor at JhaiChrispy. Most companies don't have spare developers (if they have any developers at all!) to tackle a new system. However, this lack of resources shouldn't make you feel trapped into buying some software off the shelf that doesn't do exactly what you need. The great development team at JhaiChrispy will take your business challenge and give you a tailored solution that does exactly what you need, and rest assured that we'll keep you updated every step of the way. Learn more about the process of working with JhaiChrispy in Why you'll love us below.

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Help Us!

Do you have some developers but need an extra hand? JhaiChrispy is happy to work with your existing team to make sure your project is done properly and on time. We can provide a senior consultant to lead the development team and tackle the more difficult programming or follow your in-house architects marching orders and spin out some elegant code.

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Can we just borrow your brain?

Sometimes you just need a little advice, and we're happy to oblige. Maybe you want us to do the software architecture for your project or review your code to get some feedback? We can do that. Or maybe you're just starting a new business and need some guidance on what kind of software can help get you going? That's no problem either, so don't hesitate to let us know what you need. We're here to help.

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How to Fish…

Lets face it, it's hard to stay up to date on technology. Things change so quickly and most employees are too busy with their day to day operations and maintaining their existing systems to keep up. So it's no wonder that as years slip by you find that your skills have fallen behind the times. It happens. But falling behind doesn't mean that you need to stay behind!

JhaiChrispy consultants are always working on new projects using the latest and greatest technologies and are happy to share our expertise. We organize your custom training using real world scenarios, even using your current projects as examples if desired, to show the latest in web development techniques. Our training isn't done by ivory tower teachers who've never slung real code either; our senior consultants who work on real projects every day will be showing how to get things done quickly and efficiently in the real world.

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The Types of Work We Do

The main types of work that we do at JhaiChrispy revolves around web and mobile technologies. We do everything from simple web sites to extremely complex web-based business applications, mobile application for Windows Phone™, iOS™, and Android™ devices, database development (primarily using Microsoft SQL Server), SharePoint implementations, and web APIs.

Mobile Development

With the portability and convenience of mobile devices, you’ve never had a better opportunity to create an immersive experience with your users. However, the bar is set pretty high in the mobile app space and if you can’t deliver a responsive application with the native experience users expect then they will look elsewhere.

JhaiChrispy understands what users expect in a mobile application, but we also understand that you don’t want to waste time and money duplicating code for another platform. Utilizing the Xamarin toolset, JhaiChrispy can create common business logic that you can use across devices and platforms while still creating custom user interfaces for each of the devices you want to target. Your application will be compiled into a native app, not running in some embedded browser window that doesn’t look or act quite right. While this may seem like a minor difference, it makes a huge difference in user satisfaction and your app reviews.

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Web Sites

In today's web based society, if you don't have a web site you might as well not exist. You'll lose a ton of clients because the perception is that you're not a "real" business. Similarly, having a poorly designed site cheapens your brand and encourages potential clients to find someone else with a better web presence. However, even a nicely designed site might be causing you sales if it's not mobile friendly.

Indeed, mobile browsers are no longer a small segment that can be safely ignored. Think of how many times you were annoyed at not being able to view something on your iPhone because the site was done all in Flash or too difficult to navigate on a smaller screen. Those little annoyances can add up to big losses of sales.

Fortunately, we are web experts here at JhaiChrispy and can get your business the web site it needs. With clean semantic HTML 5 that helps you get great search results and a beautiful design whether it's viewed on a large desktop display or your phone.

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Web Applications & APIs

Applications today need to be accessible wherever you are and to whomever you need. That's one of the main reasons that businesses are looking more and more to the web for their solutions, and with the huge advances in web programming even the most complex systems can be web based. With powerful ajax solutions and robust javascript frameworks, your web solutions can look and feel like a desktop app with the added benefits of no client installations and only a single current version to support. Providing a web-based API can open your service, promoting integrations with a huge array of online service providers that can help make your offering stand out above the rest.

However, with all these wonderful technical advances comes the complexity of developing them. Many inexperienced developers quickly get lost in the miriad of technologies and projects quickly fall behind schedule. The poor code becomes a tangle of partially working features until the project eventually fails. This is why you need a strong partner with the experience to deliver on the full potential these technologies present.

Web-based application development is really our bread and butter at JhaiChrispy. We've worked on all kind of systems from purchasing to call center applications and have both the technical and business skills to make your project successful. At JhaiChrispy, we are experts with all areas of web development. From clean semantic HTML that's great for search engines to advanced JavaScript and server-side programming using the latest Microsoft technologies. Whether you need work done on a Web Forms project, MVC, WebAPI, or you haven't a clue about the technology and just need to get something done, JhaiChrispy has you covered every step of the way.

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Microsoft SharePoint has exploded in recent years and for good reason. The powerful knowledge sharing capabilities and ease of use make SharePoint a great fit for businesses that need a way to store information and find it fast. With collaboration, data integration, and a host of other features, SharePoint is a great tool to make the central hub for your business operations.

JhaiChrispy has been working on SharePoint solutions since the 2003 version and has great familiarity with the product. From branding to custom development to powerful solutions using the SharePoint API, JhaiChrispy has done it all and is ready to bring your SharePoint projects to production.

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SQL Server Database

Data is the core of nearly every application and is one of the most valuable assets that your company possesses. Ensuring that it is stored properly and securely is essential to getting the maximum benefit from your data. However, improper database designs and poor backup plans can leave you vulnerable to data losses and inconsistencies. At JhaiChrispy we understand the importance of your data and how best to store it for various scenarios.

Here are some of the SQL Server services that we provide:

  • Troubleshooting Database Performance Issues
  • Creating New Databases
  • Setting Up Backup / Restore Plans and Procedures
  • Coding Functions and Stored Procedures
  • Database Design / Review

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What it Costs

Everyone wants to get the most bang for their buck, which is why at JhaiChrispy we work hard to ensure that we are competitively priced. While our services are not cheap, with JhaiChrispy you are getting some of the best developers around for what the big firms bill their college kids at.

When you take into account the costs savings over having a full-time employee (taxes, insurance, benefits, etc.), it quickly becomes apparent that JhaiChrispy consultants are the easy choice!


  • Senior Consultants - $150 per hour
  • Consultants - $75 - $125 / hour based upon required skill set

Note Every project has at least one senior consultant to oversee the work and review every line of code to ensure it is up to JhaiChrispy's rigorous standards.

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