JhaiChrispy is a technology company that puts our customers first. Our unique approach to software development streamlines and simplifies the often confusing development process, helping our customers to feel comfortable while saving time and money.

We pride ourselves on being a partner that your business can turn to for projects large and small as well as getting honest advice and direction for your technology needs.

Our Story

The Creation Of JhaiChrispy

I founded JhaiChrispy out of a desire to do things better. Having worked as both an in-house developer as well as a consultant at a large-scale firm, I had seen both sides of the often strained relationship between consultancy and client. I knew all too well the common pain points and felt that with a different approach working with a consultancy could go from being something companies dread to a prized partnership.

As much as anything else, JhaiChrispy arose out of my frustration with an environment that left development as a trivialized step of a convoluted money-making machine. I had seen first hand how developers were forced to cut corners to meet unrealistic deadlines set by managers who didn't know or often even understand the technologies involved. Expert developers were replaced with inexperienced coders who sometimes had no experience in the area that they would be working on! They were expected to learn on the job, at the client's expense of course, all so the firm could pad their bottom line. Even in some of the better firms that really were trying to do good work, they were so mired in procedures and unnecessary overhead that they still often came up short. It wasn't an environment that I wanted to work in and I knew it wasn't the result that the clients were paying for, so I set out on my own.

At JhaiChrispy, I wanted to build an environment where developers could do their best work, where clients would be appreciated, and most importantly where we could look back on a project and be proud, knowing that it was quality work. It sounds old fashioned and maybe it is, perhaps it's strange for a high tech company to hold traditional values, but I was brought up to believe that it is important to always do your best and to take pride in your work. It might not be the most profitable philosophy, but I think it is one that feels great to be a part of and is the reason we form long lasting relationships with our clients. They know that they are working with people who are passionate about what they do and are dedicated to providing the best possible product for today, tomorrow, and years to come.

Chris Plowman, Co-Founder & Senior Consultant

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Why You'll Love Us

If you've ever worked with a big consulting house, you probably won't believe what I'm about to tell you:

Working with a consulting firm can be a wonderful experience.

Yup. Hard to believe I know (no really, I used to work for a big consultancy so Really, I Know!). Working with JhaiChrispy is night and day to most consulting firms and for a pretty simple reason:

We work the way you wish all consulting firms would -- with integrity, respect for our clients, and pride in our work.

First off, JhaiChrispy loves our customers. Helping clients is the reason I started this business and continuing to deliver for our customers is what keeps us around. We understand the challenges you face. In today's business, you have to have the right tech in place to keep up. You need a web site for marketing of course, but you also need tools that let you run your business wherever and whenever you are. You need all your systems to be able to communicate, you need them to be secure, and you need them to be easy to use. Oh, and lest I forget, you need everything done yesterday! It's a big burden, so don't carry it alone. JhaiChrispy is here to help.

Many of our clients have been with JhaiChrispy for years, and once you've worked with us we know that you'll be joining them because we are so easy to work with. Here's a run down of what you can expect when working with JhaiChrispy:

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Great People

JhaiChrispy cuts no corners when it comes to our work and that starts with great people. You can expect honest, dependable, and incredibly knowledgeable consultants to be working on your project. Every project has at least one senior consultant with demonstrated experience across a range technologies in the lead. The project team will also be very small (especially compared to the craziness of some of the big firms). By having great people, we don't need a lot of them and experience has taught us that a tightly knit group of a few very skilled people can run circles around large teams.

The senior consultant lead will also be your primary contact so when you have questions you are talking to someone who actually knows your project inside and out, not some project manager who doesn't even understand code. It is important to point out something here though. To become a senior consultant you have to have passed an amazing challenge for most geeks -- the ability to explain technology without sounding like a Martian! So don't worry, we'll explain exactly what's going on in a way you can easily understand.

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Easy Process

Working with JhaiChrispy is really straightforward and simple. It will start off by us having an initial meeting to discuss your needs free of charge. This meeting is to get a high level overview of the project and make sure that our companies are a good fit to work together. From their we will give a general estimate of the time and effort of the project to help you with planning and budgeting and put together a contract.

The next step is to have a deeper level discussion to clarify the project as a whole and identify the best starting point for the first development cycle. At JhaiChrispy, we always work in short, iterative development cycles that are typically 2-4 weeks. In the Agile software development method, these are often referred to as sprints. At the end of each of these sprints we will have some deliverables that were determined at the onset. This provides a good way for us to build up functionality and complexity and for you to see your project taking shape and make any changes along the way.

Change is something pretty important in software development so let me talk a little more about that. With JhaiChrispy, you can make changes whenever you want. Since all of our projects are billed hourly, there is no special change order process, contract renegotiations, or arguments about what is in or out of scope. If you've never worked with other firms before and that last line was confusing, consider yourself lucky. Basically, in firms that quote a flat rate up front, every change is an argument that usually results in you paying a higher cost. Things change, it's just part of the world, so just let us know what you want and we'll let you know what the change entails and what our options are. Simple as that and no arguments required.

Once a sprint is ended we will review the progress and determine the goals for the next sprint. The process repeats until the project is complete! A great thing about this method of development is that it lends itself really well to getting sections of the project rolled out so they can be used without waiting for the entire project completion. For example, say you're building a new company web portal that will be used by all your various departments, but accounting desperately needs a tool to help them reconcile transactions. Rather than building them a temporary solutions that will be thrown away when the portal is complete, you could make those features some of the first implemented on your portal. You roll that out to your users to work with, then continue building out functions for other groups. It's not an all or nothing approach.

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Meet the Owner

I have had a passion for technology and gadgets since I was a small boy. My father, Carson, had fallen into a fledgling computer industry as a young man himself and had instilled a vision of how miraculously these machines could change the world. In 3rd grade, Dad helped me write my first computer program, a tic-tac-toe game in Basic. From then on, I was hooked on software development.

I went on to study electrical engineering and computer science at UCLA, graduating in 2002. Post graduation, I was fortunate enough to get some wonderful career opportunities where I was able to work on all stages of the software lifecycle and numerous technologies. I found that I had a real talent for software architecture and development and quickly found myself working on some extremely large, critical operation systems.

After working for a large consulting firm, in 2006 I decided to open my own consultancy so that I could correct the problems I had seen. I lead most of the Microsoft development efforts at JhaiChrispy, specializing in web development and SharePoint. In 2013, I expanded my repertoire to mobile development as one of the first people in the world to obtain a Xamarin developer certification.

I love working with our clients, getting to know their company, and building the perfect solution to advance their business. Next time you need some help, I hope you will think of JhaiChrispy. I’ll be looking forward to working with you.

Chris Plowman, Co-Founder & Senior Consultant
Photo of Chris Plowman, the owner of JhaiChrispy. Xamarin Certified Developer

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